Asian singer-composer Bella Mariposa can't ignore the difficulties in her marriage to physician Daniel Miranda. In hopes of salvaging her union and regaining some sense of balance not only for herself, but also for her children, she flees to a spiritual retreat in Hollywood. At the retreat, she meets Father Derek Lindenberg, a priest trying to come to terms with the heavy ordeal of stifling his human feelings to fit the unyielding framework of his priesthood. The two form a close bond and then, the unexpected happens: they fall deeply, and irrevocably in love. But how can they survive the grueling twists and turns of the machinery of life?

The Velvet Thorn offers a feast of imagery and symbolism that punctuate the novel with literary gems, allowing the author to describe the scenes with dramatic power.

So, as you hold a copy of the book, in whatever format it comes, sit back, relax and allow The Velvet Thorn to enfold you and lure you into its world of poetry and lyricism, engaging your emotion, challenging your mind and compelling you to re-assess your value system!

Happy reading!

Olivia Villa-Real wrote The Velvet Thorn—a novel that poignantly depicts the sensitivity and unique sentiment of the Asian culture. Musically impassioned, she is a concert artist, singer, pianist and composer.

In appreciation for visiting this website, we would like to offer you a downloadable version of one of the songs associated with this novel, which the author herself composed and sang. Please choose one of the following songs:

1. I Shouldn't Enter Your World – the theme song of the novel, earmarked for a movie version of the book.
2. The Countenance of Jesus – a song sang by Bella during the ordination of Derek Lindenberg.
3. If This Isn't Caring – a song written by Bella, inspired by a very poignant and heart- rending parting scene.

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